Cyber Pathways

11th of May 2023, ETH Zurich

Have you ever wondered about a career in cybersecurity?

At Cyber Pathways you can explore more than 30 professions and find answers to your questions such as:
..what keeps a SOC Analyst or CISO busy?
..what does a Privacy Engineer have for breakfast?
..does a Cyber Crime Investigator get to wear cool sunglasses?
and many more.

Cyber Paths

Cyber Paths refers to the many career options available in cybersecurity.

Chief Cybersecurity Strategist
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Cloud Security Architect
Cryptographic Engineer
Cyber Defence Incident Responder
Cyber Crime Investigator
Cybersecurity Analyst
Cybersecurity Compliance Manager
Cybersecurity Researcher
Data Privacy Researcher
Data Security Analyst
Digital Forensics Analyst
Ethical Hacker
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Engineer
ICS / OT Security Engineer
Malware Analyst
Network Security Architect
OSINT Investigator
Penetration Tester
Privacy Engineer
Red Team Member
Risk & Compliance Engineer
Security Engineer / Security Architect
Security Engineering Manager
SOC Analyst
SOC Manager
Security Software Developer
Threat Intelligence Analyst
Threat Modelling Engineer


Cyber Pathways brings transparency about the variety jobs in cybersecurity.

All participants can explore at least 6 Cyber Paths of their choice in depth and connect with cybersecurity experts from industry, the public sector, and from research.

It will be a night for all participants to shape their cyber pathway.

  • Check-In Participants and Speakers

  • Welcome

  • Profile Introduction

  • Inspiration Rounds with our Speakers

  • Keynote: The Stars, the Constellations, the Black-Holes of Cyber

  • Fireplaces with our Partners

  • Official Closing

  • After Party


Fireplaces will offer Food and Food for Thought, as each presents one potential cybersecurity pathway.

Cyber Pathways Partners

This event was made possible by the generous support of ETH Alumni. Connecting ETH generations enhances the experience of studying at ETH and helps shape one's career pipeline.

"ETH Alumni anticipates the shortage of skilled workers and the importance of cyber security to further increase traction in the upcoming years. Fusing both subjects into a learning and professional development experience, that’s what Cyber Pathways stands for!"

Jeannine Pilloud, Boardmember ETH Alumni Organization

The following companies are looking forward to creating a cyber pathway with you.


Our aim is to show potential careers in cybersecurity and thus attract students and graduates for such a choice. We organize this event on a voluntary basis besides our jobs as ETH graduates for ETH students.

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Digital Presence & Participation

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Philippe Panhaleux

Event Logistics

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Marketing to Students

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Marketing to Alumni